Thursday, June 9, 2011

Building some muscle

My latest painting: "Car"

11x14, acrylic, black Sharpie, gold glitter on canvas

This is the last in a series of fine paintings recalling my son's first words: "Bus, Truck, Car." They are hanging in his room.

For "Car" I decided to paint my dad's 1974 Plymouth Barracuda. It was his first new car that he got the year he and mom were married. (Today is their anniversary- Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!) I believe it was also the last year Plymouth made them. I always called it brown, but Dad insisted it was gold and its gold flecks would sparkle in the sunlight. White patent leather interior. I drove this car for about a year from when I got my license to when I got my first car. It starts up with a low roar when you turn the ignition.

The ol' 'Cuda has seen better days. It now sits in the garage with a blue tarp over it. It only takes leaded gasoline so it is a pain to mix some lead (I guess) into each tank of gas. A little rusty and the white seats are pretty scuffed up from kids kicking the back of them while riding in the back. (without carseats!)

I thought this would be both inspirational and a nice tribute to muscle cars and family.

I enjoyed working on this. I hope you like it!