Monday, October 19, 2009

Shepard Fairey admits to wrongdoing

It is a shame that artists have to worry about how much to change their image from a reference photograph when making their own work. I can understand both sides of the argument over copyright.

The photographer wants to be credited (and paid) for the use of his good work. Meanwhile, his photo is probably the only link between the celebrity and the artist. I have to give the illustrators a lot of credit who can make an effective likeness of a celebrity AND avoid infringement. Some say the artist must change his image at least 10% from the reference photo (if it is not their own property). Apparently, according to the Shepard Fairey/Associated Press case, using a Photoshop© effect and coloring the image in psychedelic, patriotic colors does not count.

Those that can combine several photos together into one mashup illustration that communicates a perfect likeness are the real heroes in illustration! Believe me, it is difficult to do. Makes me nervous to use Google© Image search again.

Check out the latest in the Obama© campaign portrait image lawsuit from the LA Times.©©©