Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorites of the year vol. 2.2

These are my favorite movies from the past year: June 24-June 24. I don't get a chance to go to theaters much, so these are mostly rentals. I can get a wide variety from Netflix and the library so some are classics that I've discovered this year and some are recent blockbusters.

I finally sat down and spent some time with Charlie Chaplin and I was not disappointed. He was a creative genius in many ways. From character development to acting to dance to music composition to directing to writing and producing, he did it all and was the most important actor for the first half of the last century. I enjoyed learning about his life in the special features disks and the movie "Chaplin" with Robert Downey Jr.

If you see something missing from my list that you think I should see, comment and let me know. I'm always up for a new cinematic experience!


Modern Times – Charlie Chaplin
City Lights – Charlie Chaplin
Gold Rush – Charlie Chaplin
District 9
Gran Torino
(500) Days of Summer
Sherlock Holmes
Star Trek
The Blind Side
Year One
Iron Man
Eagle Eye
Yes Man
Ghost Town
Cinema Paradiso
Attack of the 50 foot woman
Plan 9 from Outer Space
On the Waterfront
Die Hard
Lucky Number Slevin
Annie Hall
La Femme Nikita
Birdman of Alcatraz
The Odd Couple